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Transformation Tuesday 06/18/2019

Our clients had two simple requests: vines growing above the wall for privacy and flagstone steps to connect the front yard and the backyard.

We designed a low maintenance, yet colorful and lush xeric yard for the client to enjoy. A dry river bed was placed to ensure all the water over flowing from the rain barrels would be transported outside of the yard. Trumpet vines and wisteria were used to create the privacy the client desired. A clump of aspens were planted in the corner for height and several low grow fragrant sumac were added for low vegetation.

Groupings of Russian sage, blue mist spireas and moonlight brooms help add vibrant color to the yard. Irrigation was installed to help with water efficiency and to keep the yard simple to maintain. A layer of weed barrier was covered with pea-sized gravel for a clean, uniform look to finish off the yard.

Blank slates are fun :). Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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