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Transformation Tuesday 07/02/2019

This transformation Tuesday is a little different than normal since there aren't any beautiful plants or flowerbeds.

However, this was an important project for the clients since they were dealing with erosion issues. There was a cement drainage channel in place that was supposed to help with drainage, but the erosion had covered it and was not allowing it to work properly.

The first priority was to remove all the dirt covering the cement drainage channel. We continued to remove the dirt a couple feet past the cement to ensure it will not be covered by erosion in the future. Once cleared, we dug the holes for the posts several feet deep to give the railroad ties extra strength.

Once the posts were set, we began terracing the rail road ties. The first layer of rail road ties were put below grade for a steady foundation. Once complete, we brought in several yards of large river rock to continue the drainage channel to allow the water to drain into a holding pond that was beyond the cement drainage channel.

It ain't pretty but it gets the job done!

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