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Transformation Tuesday 07/30/2019

Sometimes it's nice when clients at a new project get the bulk of the work done. :)

Kidding aside, their yard but needed some assistance finishing up the job.Our clients wanted a flagstone patio extended off of the cement patio they current had.

The first step of this project was to level out and remove the excessive dirt in the area. We trenched out the area to continue the dry river bed from once side of the yard to the other. Next we cut the flagstone to fit the curvy existing patio and hand chiseled the edges of every single piece.

Weed barrier was laid on all areas to be graveled (including the dry river bed). We used 3/8" Santa Fe Brown for the lower level and 3/8" Plum for the upper level. We used 2-4” river rock to complete the dry river bed.

The client was thrilled with the extra space gained with the flagstone patio and loved that the yard was finally finished!

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