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Transformation Tuesday 08/06/2019

Our client had a completely empty yard and had complete faith in us it with no special instructions - whatever Phil wanted was ok with the client. Now THAT'S trust. :)

We went to work removing the weeds and leveling out the yard. Phil wanted to hide as much of the wall as he could using colorful plants. We planted several varieties of Holly Hocks and Butterfly bushes for maximum color.

Continuing with the trend, Agastache, Potentillas, Catmints, Pineleaf Penstemons, Blue Mist Spireas, Powis Castles and Tickseed were planted for color and texture. We also planted Hall's Honeysuckle on a trellis next to the house to have vegitation that was easy to control and would not damage the stucco.

Lastly, we planted a Blue Spruce for year-round interest and height. A flagstone pathway was installed to allow the client to walk around the yard without having to walk through the gravel. We ran irrigation, placed weed barrier and spread 3/8" Rose Brown gravel to complete this transformation!

The client was extremely happy with Phil's design, and has had us complete several more projects since this one.

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