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Transformation Tuesday 08/13/2019

Our client had a couple requests for their yard prior to designing it. For starters, they wanted a yard that was easy to maintain and a large tree needed to be planted to provide some shade for the yard.

With this in mind, we began designing the yard. The tree that was chosen is a hardy variety of the Oklahoma Red Bud, which is prized for its bloom in the spring. We began by clearing out the weeds and leveling out the dirt. We re-did the moss rock flowerbed with cut-to-fit moss rock for a cleaner look.

A moss rock flower bed connecting the two previous flowerbed as a main focal point was added to made it more colorful. Agastache, Catmint, Blue Mist Spireas, Lavender, and Yarrows for the color were planted. These plants are also great for bees! We also planted some Karl Forester grasses and moonlight brooms to create an area that is green along the wall, but super colorful in the middle.

The irrigation system that was in the yard and ran irrigation to all the new plants was repaired. We laid weed barrier in the areas to be graveled. Lastly, we barked the beds and graveled the main areas to create a nice contrast to the yard. The bark not only looks good, but also helps the plants by retaining water and reducing the amount of weeds growing in the beds!

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