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Transformation Tuesday 08/20/2019

This transformation Tuesday was a big one. Our client already had a functioning, landscaped yard, however, the way the yard was designed made the space appear smaller and on top of it all, the cement pathways and stairs were also chipping.

Our goals were to redo the yard into something that would make the yard feel a lot bigger as well as not letting the plants overtake the space.

We started by jack hammering the cement pathways out and removing all the debris. The next step was to remove the bark and all the plants the client didn’t want to keep. The biggest things making the yard feel small were the overgrown pine shrubs that blocked the view to the end of the yard. One was removed the other was pruned/cleaned up.

Flagstone steps were cut and set aside to be placed after the gravel. A moss rock border was placed around the existing Golden Rain tree with the addition of a few new plants. A moss rock terrace was added to help define and separate the yard rather than leave it completely sloped. Catmints, Miscanthus, Blue Mist Spireas, some Mugo Pines, and Chamisas were added for their colors and easy care. A Mountain Ash tree was added to the upper layer to add height and shade.

Irrigation was run to each plant, a layer of weed barrier was laid, and the gravel was spread over the yard. Flagstone steps were added and the yard was complete.

Our client was ecstatic about their more open and enjoyable yard!

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