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Transformation Tuesday 09/03/19

Our client wanted their driveway defined with a moss rock border and wanted something done to make the house look finished and welcoming.

We started trenching the area where the moss rock border was going to go and began placing and cutting the moss rock to fit the curved driveway. Once that was done we focused on smoothing out the drainage canal so we can turn it into a dry river bed. Next, we planted two Russian Sage and two Chamisas to create a beautiful purple and golden yellow color scheme.

Metal edging was added to define the area we were going to gravel and separated it from the wild grass seed we spread in the dirt area. We laid down weed barrier and graveled the upper area first. A couple yards of 4-6" river rock was brought to create a functioning dry river bed and finished it off with a character stone.

The client enjoyed the new look of the house and how much more welcoming it was!

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