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Transformation Tuesday 09/10/19

Our client in this Transformation Tuesday wanted a flagstone patio around the door to give their yard a more distinguished look. They had the flagstone which had already been cut into smaller pieces that we normally do not use on a patio.

The first step was to level out the area, move a drain outside of the patio area, put a thick layer of crusher fines, and go over it several times with a jumping jack tamper.

Next we created a custom moss rock border by cutting each moss rock to fit its neighbor. We then added a layer of sand to help with drainage and to level out the flagstone. The flagstone was cut to fit and the edges were chiseled by hand to give it a beautiful, polished look.

Once the flagstone was leveled out, a layer of sand is swept into the cracks to minimize any shifting as the flagstone settles.

A lot of fine detailed work to make this masterpiece!

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