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Question of the Week 10/12/2019

Q: How often and how much water should I give to the pots of geraniums that I brought into the house?

A: The amount of water you give and how often you water depends on the size of the plant and how big the pot is.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to water pots until water begins to trickle out of the drainage hole on the bottom of the pot (make sure you have a saucer under your pot). Once it begins to trickle out, stop watering immediately. When watering, make sure there are no dry spots and all the soil is saturated (as long as you aren't pouring water over the same spot you are doing it right!)

When the soil looks dry, stick your finger in the soil to the first knuckle (approx. 1 inch deep). If the soil is still moist wait a day or two and check again. If it is dry, give the plant a good watering. This will help prevent overwatering as well as underwatering.

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