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Transformation Tuesday 10/22/2019

In part two, the client wanted a flagstone where they could relax and enjoy the views from their side yard. Our direction was to cover the entire area with gravel with the addition of a few plants to keep it from looking bare.

We planted a mix of Blue Mist Spireas and Russian Sage on the outer perimeter and Hummingbird Mint Agastache next to a Powis Castle near the house. A square patio with square steps to the front porch was requested. We cut the flagstone patio with minimum gaps between the pieces for a tight-fitting, custom look. The area was tamped and several inch thick layers of sand was used to level the flagstone.

Once the steps and patio were leveled, we laid down the weed barrier, cutting around the plants and flagstone. Santa Fe Brown gravel was spread around and placed a few character stones for accent points.

Our client was happy she no longer had to deal with dirt and mud and couldn’t wait to relax on her flagstone patio!

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