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Transformation Tuesday 12/10/19

Our client at this house was unhappy how plain the area between the garage and house looked. There are three drainage canals that would pour the water off of the roof into the dirt and leave behind a muddy mess. The goals for this project were to create a design that would look clean, needed very little to no maintenance and would help divert the water away from the house.

The first thing that needed to be done was to create the dry river bed channels so we could divert the water away from the house. Landscape block was then installed around the juniper tree to define a border and to help keep the gravel in its place. Phil selected a variety of cactus to eliminate the need for watering. He chose cholla, prickly pear, bear grass, yuccas, and an agave.

Our team mixed sand with dirt when planting the cactus to help improve drainage. Once everything was planted, weed barrier was laid down over the entire area and we began to spread the 3/8" Santa Fe Brown gravel.

The next step was to start working on the flagstone while the others began filling in the dry riverbeds with 2-4" river rock. Flagstone was laid out, cut to fit, in order to create the pathway from the garage to the door. Once the team was happy with the pathway, they began to level the flagstone.

The finishing touch was to place the 3 character stones in their place (one is hiding behind the pot) and this transformation was complete!

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