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Transformation Tuesday 01/07/2020

This transformation Tuesday is a big one! Our client had inherited a house and was not fond of the landscaping. The plants weren't doing too well and several of them had died, leaving bare spots in the flowerbed that was visible from the living room. She liked the mossrock border but wanted it double stacked so you could see it clearly instead of it disappearing behind the gravel and catch her eye from the living room. There was water feature and she wanted it placed on top of a large mossrock.

We began to redo the mossrock border and turned it into a double stack border. We trenched out the area where the dry river bed was going to go and used that dirt to raise the area where the water feature would go. This helped elevate the main visual point. Next, we brought in the variety of plants selected for this area: Blue Mist Spireas, Maiden Grasses, Gallardias, Agastache, Barrel Cactus, Yuccas and Agaves. Once planted, we ran irrigation and brought in some large character stones.

We trenched a hole for the reservoir, placed a pond liner, and leveled the grate. Now the fun part could begin! We had to bring the large stone in by wheelbarrow through a narrow pathway and up a hill. We did this with the character stones but this weighed more than all of them combined! It was not easy and took several guys but we got it done. The large stone was centered, placed on the grate, and shimmed the stone to give the water feature the run-off the client wanted.

After we did basic planting, our client added additional plants and pots, and tweaked some of the character rocks and placed them where she liked. This was the first time a client wanted to get hands on with the project - it was quite the work out for us and her, but the hard work was worth it since we were just as happy as the client at the way this transformation turned out!

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