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Transformation Tuesday 01/21/2020

Brrr! Hope everyone is staying dry and warm out there! This week, we tackle a tough transformation.

It may look like a simple landscape, but it involved a lot of manual labor - even the mini-backhoe was brought in to get this job complete! The client wanted terraced flower beds to transform the backyard into a yard that not only looked good, but was also functional.

The first step was to start removing some of the excess dirt in order to for the flowerbeds to be terraced. The existing fence was the limiting factor for the height of the flowerbed. We removed enough dirt to to make it easier for our crew to navigate and brought in fresh, high quality dirt once everything was done. By the end of the project, 15 tons of dirt was hauled away!

Six pallets of landscape block was needed for this project. The block comes in three different sizes, ranging in weight from about 40 pounds to 88 pounds.

We moved enough blocks in the back yard to get started, The first level is always below grade and serves as the foundation for the terraced beds. Once the first level of the flowerbed was complete it was time to start the back filling process. We started to haul in fresh dirt to replace some of the poor quality dirt we removed. Once all the dirt was down it needed to be tamped.

After tamping down the dirt, we began to work on the send level of the terrace hauled away the rest of the old dirt. All in all we 9 tons of fresh, high quality dirt was brought in.

Flagstone was cut to fit the steps and used landscape glue to stick them on the block. The final step of this transformation was to cut and place the capstone. This is very time consuming because each capstone must be cut to fit and glued one by one. Once the capstone was completed and the glue dried the transformation was complete! Our client wants us to finish the landscape at a later date with plants and bark!

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