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Transformation Tuesday 02/25/2020

Are you ready for Spring? We sure are :)

Time for Transformation Tuesday:

This transformation will be a two part series because of the size of the project. The before and after picture will have you taking a double look because it doesn’t look like the same house.

There was a lot of changes to this house: a contractor added larger windows to the back of the house, a sliding door and poured the slab of concrete. Our client called us after all of above was finished and discussed some ideas with him. First priority - a fence around the property so they could have some privacy.

Before we could get started with the fence, we needed to clear the path where the fence would be installed. This includes removing the large juniper in the before picture as the tree was not doing well. Once that was complete it was time to start digging the post holes.

The post holes were dug every six feet, 2' deep, and more than a foot wide. We placed 4x4x8 pressure treated posts in the holes, leveled them, and filled the hole with cement. This gives the fence a solid foundation.

Once the cement was dried and cured we began to attach the rails to the posts. We used 2 pressure treated 2x4s an attached horizontally to the posts. These 2x4s are what we attach the actual fence. The client wanted us to use a different type of fence which in this case, fence slab.

It is exactly what it sounds like - a solid slab of wood cut from a tree that still has bark on it. Once we unloaded the massive amount of slabs it was time to start attaching them to the rails. Each fence slab needed to be leveled and screwed into the 2x4s one at a time. The fence was 6' tall and gave the client the privacy they wanted.

Keep an eye out for part two of this Transformation Tuesday!

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