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Plant of the Week 08/21/2020

New Mexico Locust

Robinia neomexicana

Zone 3-8

Gorgeous, pink flowers hang off of branches similar to wisteria. Foliage is made of small, round leaves that form one single leaf. Tree branches have thorns so be mindful when near the tree. Belongs to the pea family so it is capable of pulling nitrogen from the air and fixing it to a usable form for the tree to then use.

Can reach 15' tall. Produces lots of suckers that can get out of control if you don’t clip them regularly. Tolerates a wide variety of soil types. Blooms appear late spring to summer, followed by bean pods that contain seeds that are toxic if eaten.

Water regularly for best growth but can withstand moderate drought. Plant in part to full sun. Since it is a fast grower, its truck can become weak and snap with heavy winds.

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