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Transformation Tuesday 08/25/2020

Our client had a raised flowerbed that was made out of treated timber that was old and weather-worn, not to mention falling over.

The flowers in the bed all died, with weeds and grass taking its place. Three goals:

1. Replace the raised flowerbed with one that was made out of mossrock which was used as a flowerbed.

2.Install irrigation to the plants.

3. Weedbarrier and gravel spread throughout the yard with flagstone steps for a pathway connecting the front to the backyard.

First, we remove treated timber and hauled out the debris. The clump of aspens that was next to the house were dead. We cut them down and dug out the roots. Red bark that was spread in the front yard also needed to be removed.

Mossrock is much harder to work with than landscape block because its dimensions are varied with no two pieces being alike.

Since there was a steep natural slope in the yard, we decided adding tiers to the yard at the same place where the cement steps were. This helps to give the yard a more uniform look and to define beginning of the flagstone pathway.

Next was the mossrock flowerbed. We started trenching down deep enough to lay one level of mossrock below grade for the foundation. Mossrock was stacked accordingly. We didn’t need to bring in much dirt to backfill the flowerbed because the height of the dirt along the house wasn't raised much. Instead, we amended the soil with a blend of composted cotton burrs and Yum-Yum® fertilizer.

Mmoonlight broom, a butterfly bush, two yarrows, a couple of spireas, coneflower and lavander were planted. A butterfly bush in the corner where the debris was located in the before picture was also planted. Walk on bark was spread to reduce weed growth and to help conserve water.

After all the steps were in place and leveled out we raked the Pueblo Rose gravel to level it out and give it its finished look! The transformation of the front yard was complete!

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