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Installing Patios or Steps? Avoid These Mistakes

Happy September from Desert Rose! In this month's blog, we are going to review a couple of the most common mistakes that can occur when installing flagstone or paver patios/steps. These missteps (haha, pun intended!) are easy to overlook when it is your first time working with these materials. Whether it is just a few steps or an entire patio, these mistakes will leave you with an uneven, shifting area that can not only look unappealing but can quickly become a tripping hazard. When it comes to setting flagstone and pavers, the basics are fairly similar to those of painting. PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING. If the preparation is rushed or not done properly, the result will become apparent after several rainstorms. The first thing you want to do is clear the area of all the vegetation. Next, the area needs to be leveled out. Once that has been done you will need to bring in some base course. Lightly wet the area and tamp and level several times. The last step of preparation is to bring in a layer of sand and level the area out. The area is now ready for installation. The second most common mistake is not getting enough material. If you only get the exact amount, Murphy's Law will inevitably come into full effect, and something will inevitably go wrong. Always get more material than you anticipate, as it can always be returned. When it comes to installing pavers and flagstone, the proper tools needed for installation can quickly add to the price, not to mention the need for precision and experience to ensure your newly landscaped area will look great for years to come. If you are interested in a flagstone or paver patio, or maybe just some steps, feel free to give Desert Rose a call and get a quote!


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