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Landscape Edging

In this month's blog, we address different types of landscape edging. Using edging is a great way to divide any two areas from each other with a clean break. Whether it is to separate two different colored gravels, bark from gravel, or any other separation, edging helps to give the area a finished look. There are several different types of edging and each one has its pros and cons. We do have our preferred types of edging, but that doesn’t mean any particular type of edging is bad - it just depends on your goals.

The first type of edging is plastic. Although some are flimsy, there are manufacturers that make easy, no-dig edging that is great for DIY homeowners. Simply place the edging where you want it, hammer in the stakes through the plastic holes(be careful with irrigation lines!), then cover the stakes, and you are done! Keep in mind plastic edging tends to be more economical and tends not to last as long as the other options. The next type of edging is wooden. This can range from upright latillas (thin tree trunks) that tend to be about 2-3" in diameter, and several inches tall. These are installed into the ground and can look great when done correctly. There is also pressure-treated timber, including railroad ties. These tend to be easy to install if you are doing straight lines, but do not work well in curving areas. Stone is the next type of edging we will discuss. Both natural (moss rock) and manmade (usually shaped concrete block) add a nice elegance to any yard. These work great in both straight and curved areas but can be costly. The final type of edging is metal. Not only is it fairly simple to install, but it comes in different colors to match the area it is being installed in. The metal edging is secured by large metal stakes or rebar, tends to last a long time, and can easily be curved or bent to match any shape you need!

When planning out your next project, be sure to go over the type of edging that best fits your budget, goals, and overall look!


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