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Plant of the Week 03/05/2021

Vanderwolf Pine Pinus Flexis Zone 4-7

This tree's unique growth pattern and pine texture set it apart from every other pine tree. As it grows, the Vanderwolf pine keeps a dense, pyramid shape instead of branching out. The needles tend to be as long as a ponderosa pine but are very flexible and soft, making it almost impossible for them to poke you. These needles provide this tree with its unique, fluffy textured look which helps this evergreen stand out from the rest.

This tree is a slow grower, and the price tag reflects how long it takes to reach 5-7 feet. It will take quite some time, but this tree can reach 25' tall and 15' wide, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces (unlike most pines which tend to get very wide and quickly outgrow where they were planted.)

Prefers enriched well-drained soil with regular deep waterings. Plant in full sun. Easy to care for, pest and disease resistant, as well as Waterwise. No matter where you plant the tree you won't regret adding this specimen to your yard.


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