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Plant of the Week 04/02/2021

Amaryllis Zone 9-11

Most people think that amaryllis is a one-time bloomer, but if you properly care for them, the flowers will get larger and more beautiful with each year that passes! One place people often overlook adding amaryllis is to outdoor pots.

They look great in raised pots by your front door! When planting in a pot; only cover 3/4 of the bulb with soil (leave the top 1/4 exposed).

Do not bury the entire bulb!

Make sure that the plant will get partial sun. Plant in well-drained soil and water regularly during the flowering season. Do not allow soil to completely dry out (should be moist but not soggy). Once the bloom is spent, cut stem down to 1" being extra careful not to damage the leaves.

In late fall, be prepared to dig up the bulb up to prevent it from freezing. Place the bulb in a brown paper sack and store somewhere cool, but not freezing, (a refrigerator is perfect). When the risk of a hard freeze is gone, plant bulb in the pot outside and begin watering regularly! Soon leaves will start to emerge and before you know it you will have large, colorful bell-shaped blooms! Amaryllis come in many colors including red, white, pink, salmon, apricot, rose, burgundy, and purple.


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