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Plant of the Week 10/30/2020

Viking Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa 'Viking' Zone 3-9

This shrub shines with tons of white flowers in the spring. Glossy, green foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for both the flowers and the berries. Dark, black berries form in large clusters, which appear after the showy white flowers are spent. This shrub really stand out in the fall with beautiful fall foliage contrasted with the black berries. A fast grower that can quickly reach 5' tall and 6' wide.

This shrub can spread wider due to sucker production, so regularly cut sucker to prevent this shrub from spreading (unless you want it to). Plant in full sun and well drained soil for best growth. Adapts to a wide variety of soil types and environments. Easy to care for. Water regularly for best growth and fruit production. Berries provide fall and winter food for birds. Deer resistant.


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