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Plant of the Week 11/27/2020

Canada Red Chokecherry Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red' Zone 2-7

The purplish-red foliage stands out during the spring and summer months. Although this tree doesn’t offer many colors for the fall, its ability to withstand most conditions makes this tree ideal for those hard to plant areas. Tolerates heat, poor soil, windy conditions, and cold. New growth begins green then turns into the tree's signature purplish red.

Has a rounded, arching growth pattern that creates a nice look during winter months without the foliage. Looks similar to a flowering plum but has a more droopy growth pattern. Small white flowers appear in the spring. Birds are attracted to the small black fruit in the fall and winter months. Can reach 30' tall and 20' wide so be mindful where you plant this.

Prefers well-drained soils but adapts to most soil types. Water regularly for best growth. Can tolerate mild dry spells. Prune suckers often to keep trees looking clean. Prune in late winter if desired. Berries can be used in preserves and sauces once cooked.


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