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Question of the Week: Stump Removal

Q: How do I remove a tree stump?

A: Tree stumps can be very tricky to remove depending on what size they are. A small stump can be dug around with a pick and digging bar and can be pulled out with some hard work.

This is not feasible for a large stump.

One option (if you have the patience) is to buy stump remover from a nursery. Follow the instructions closely! You basically drill several large holes in the stump and place the powder inside those holes with water.... and wait… and wait… and wait...

The powder helps to speed up the decay process, but it can take quite a bit of time!

There is also something called a stump grinder (we do not offer this service) that grinds the stump down. We have heard of people burning stumps out but we definitely do not recommend this due to fire danger.

When in doubt, call your local arborist or professional tree service company!


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