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Transformation Tuesday 02/09/2021

This Transformation Tuesday was a quick and easy one. Our client was tired of the color of the gravel in their yard. They wanted us to remove the old gravel and replace it with a different size and color. In addition, the client also wanted the Moonlight Broom next to the window removed.

We picked up some gravel samples and brought them to the client so they could choose the gravel they liked best. Once the client decided on the gravel it was time to get to work!

Once the old gravel was removed, the team got to work removing the broom, digging the dry river bed, and restacking the rock circle. A new weed barrier was laid before bringing in the river rock and the character stone. We brought in the rest of the gravel, spread it, and raked it out.

The transformation was complete and the client was happy with the new color of the gravel!

**(If you noticed, our client also had a different color of stucco applied before we landscape).


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