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Transformation Tuesday 08/03/2021

This week's Transformation Tuesday is a simple, but an impactful one. The client wanted his entrance to be transformed from a typical, cement entryway into an elegant, flagstone entrance. They also wanted to remove the English Ivy, as well as the lavender from the flowerbed, and replant the bed with something simple but colorful.

The first step in this transformation was to remove the plants the client no longer wanted. Next, it was time to start cutting and fitting the flagstone. Once all the pieces were cut, it was time to hand chisel the edges to give the flagstone our signature look. A small flagstone terrace was used to create the step and sand was used as a filler and tamped down. Since the flagstone entrance would be elevated, we needed to ensure it had a minimal outward slope away from the door that way when it would rain the water would drain away from the door and not toward it. The flagstone was placed and leveled out, with sand used to fill the joints.

Our client wanted to do the planting: May Night salvia and Dusty Millers were chosen. The bright green foliage and purple flowers from the salvia created a great contrast from the silver foliage of the Dusty Miller. Bark was spread and this transformation was complete!


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