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Transformation Tuesday: A Landscape Revival Story

Check out this incredible transformation we completed just about a year ago! We tackled a moss rock flowerbed overrun with weeds, making it challenging to navigate the beautiful flagstone steps.

Our client's wish? A sleek, low-maintenance space spruced up with gravel and a touch of greenery. We guided them through gravel samples and they fell in love with the warm hues of Pueblo Rose.

First, we bid farewell to the weeds and lifted the flagstone steps. Then, we rolled out weed barrier to keep future maintenance at bay. Planting a mix of cactus species and Apache Plumes ensured a vibrant, drought-resistant oasis. Metal edging secured the gravel in place, ensuring it stays put.

The finishing touch? Replacing and re-leveling those flagstone steps for a seamless finish.

Voilà – a transformation complete!


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