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Transformation Tuesday: A Little TLC

This particular yard this week also comes from the same project as last week. Our first step was to remove the old, ragged-looking lavenders. We needed to blow the area and rake to remove the fallen leaves and debris. Once this courtyard was cleaned up, we had a better overall picture of the weed and small plant situation that were in the area that needed to be removed.

Once the smaller vegetation was removed, it was time to plant! We brought in composted cotton burrs and added YUM-YUM® soil amendments to give the plant the best start possible. This area was designed to have thread grass below the window, purple Penstemon, and a Karl Forester grass (just to name a few). We prepped the area, laid weedbarrier and spread the gravel after planting.

The dry riverbed needed a little TLC to look as clean as the rest of the yard. We pulled up the rocks, cleaned out the area, then replaced the rocks. To fill in the empty spots, we brought in 2-4" river rock which also gave the dry river bed a great contrast in size between the 4-6" and the 2-4" river rock. We wet down the gravel and river rock to remove the dust from the gravel yard and this transformation was complete.

Keep an eye out for part 3 next Tuesday!


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