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Transformation Tuesday: All About The Drainage

Welcome back!

In this phase of a very large project, we focused on installing landscape rocks on one side of the yard to create a water-holding pond. To achieve the desired level changes, we started with one block high and gradually transitioned to three blocks.

Once the landscape rocks were in place, we began planting a wide variety of plants, including Smokebush, New Mexico Privet, Penstemons, Brakelight Yucca, Apache Plume, Moonshine Yarrow, Coneflower, Bluemist Spirea, and many more. These plants offer different colors, heights, and bloom times to keep the yard looking amazing throughout the growing season.

To complete the transformation, we worked on the lower level to divert water away from the house. We created dry riverbeds and a holding area for water to collect and finished it off with Pueblo Rose and River rock.

Keep following our series to see the rest of the project!


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