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Transformation Tuesday: Claustrophobic No More!

Our client had a side area of their yard that felt claustrophobic. Although it was mostly used to access the other parts of their yard, the client felt like the area had so much more potential.

The first step in this transformation was to clear out this area completely. We removed the flagstone, the coyote fence, the bark, and the aspen (to the left of the photo). This allowed more light into the area and made it feel so much more open!

After the area was leveled it was time to plant. An Oaktree was chosen since it would be a slow grower that wouldn’t overgrow the area. Metal edging and landscape lighting were next on the list. We installed two pathway lights as well as a bullet light, which brings attention to the Oaktree at night.

The yard was looking much improved but was missing one major thing - pavers. After the usual prep work, the team got to work cutting, laying, and leveling the patio/walkway. The final step was to use the blowers to clean the area up and this transformation was complete.

Not only was the client impressed, but we were surprised at how different this yard looked!


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