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Transformation Tuesday: Contrasting Gravel

The client from last week’s Transformation Tuesday wanted the whole yard to flow together. On this side of the yard, we kept the black and white theme of gravel selection. The builder planted Karl Foresters on this side, as well as Russian Sages. Since there wasn’t much prep to do, we were able to get to work on the gravel right away.

Metal edging was placed down in order to create the pathway before laying down the gravel. When we roll out the weed barrier, we need to carefully cut the weed barrier around each plant. We used the Sierra Rose (light colored) gravel first, then filled the pathway with the Mesa Blue (dark) gravel. We raked the gravel to even it out and this transformation was complete!

The client loved how clean and modern the yard looked, as well as the fact they do not have to worry about mud when it rains!


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