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Transformation Tuesday: Creation of a Low-Maintenance Yard

Our client had a blank canvas for their backyard and wanted a clean, low-maintenance landscape. We came up with a design and, after it was approved, the team got to work!

The first step was to build a mossrock wall to prevent erosion. As you can see in the photo, there was a lot of rock that needed to be cut, fit, and installed.

Next, the team trenched for dry river beds to divert water away from the home. After that, they installed a coyote fence with a gate for access to the backyard. The latillas were tied by hand using wire.

To help reduce the amount of weeds and make maintenance easier, weed barrier was rolled out, cut, and pinned down. Then, the team spread riverrock and gravel over the barrier.

After the gravel was spread and raked, the transformation was complete!


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