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Transformation Tuesday: Digging Into Granite

Working on this particular area of the yard proved to be quite challenging. As depicted in the accompanying photo, a substantial amount of dirt needed to be excavated. Beneath the dirt layer, we encountered an abundance of granite rocks, significantly increasing the labor required for this task. Once we had successfully cleared the area for the block and removed the granite, it was time to commence the block-stacking process.

We designed the yard with a vision of seamlessly incorporating the trees into the block walls, thereby creating softer focal points that would break up the hardscaping.

Given that the yard already featured three cement slabs, we devised a plan to construct a small flagstone patio. This patio would comfortably accommodate a chair and bistro table, while flagstone steps would provide access to other areas of the yard. The pathway design aligned with that of the block terraces and each flagstone was expertly cut and given a hand-chiseled finish.

The final step in this area entailed laying down a weed barrier and spreading gravel. We opted for a 3/8" Pueblo rose gravel within the beds, while a larger 1-2" round river rock was chosen for the lower area. These gravel selections complemented the overall color tone of the landscape block. The client could hardly believe that this transformed yard was the same space. Not only did it appear more spacious, but it also became significantly more functional!


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