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Transformation Tuesday: Flagstone Patios!

In this week's Transformation Tuesday the client had a flagstone patio that needed attention. The joints between the flagstone were fairly wide, and since some of the flagstones had shifted, it created a tripping hazard. The mossrock steps leading to the patio were no longer level. A holly shrub was also growing near the steps, which needed to be removed. Client goals: easy access and to have a finished look!

The first step was to fix the mossrock steps and remove the holly. We needed to create a border that would hold the dirt in place. This prevents the dirt from eroding in the patio, which can cause the flagstone to become uneven. We decided to go with three steps, with the last step being the border. This allowed for easy walking and created a smooth transition to the patio. There was some extra mossrock so we created a small flowerbed to the left of the steps. Now it was time to fix the flagstone! All the patio furniture was removed and the flagstone was lifted up and placed to the side. The area needed to be releveled, tamped, and sand spread. We needed to bring in some extra flagstone so we could have a tighter fit in the patio. The flagstone was placed and leveled out. The client wanted gravel to fill the joint so we used 3/8" SF brown to help blend with the flagstone. The patio furniture was put back in place and this transformation was complete! The client loved the finished look and enjoyed how easy it was to access the area now.


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