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Transformation Tuesday: From a Blank Slate to a Beautiful Flagstone Patio

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful new flagstone patio that we created for our client!

The client wanted a flagstone patio off of their backdoor that could accommodate their family and friends, as well as a raised flowerbed and the rest of the yard graveled.

The first step in this process was to create a boundary around the area that would become the patio using landscape blocks. This not only helped to elevate the patio so it would be level with the door, but it also created different levels within the backyard. By doing this, we made the yard feel bigger and more dynamic. We then filled the area inside the landscape block with a thick layer of base coarse. Next, we tamped it down and added sand, which we leveled out to create a solid foundation for the flagstone patio. This was important for ensuring that the patio would not shift over time.

To create the patio, we cut the flagstone into the desired shape and size and hand-chiseled the edges. This added a beautiful finish to the patio and gave it a natural, rustic look. The last step was to install the flagstone and fill the grout lines with sand. This not only created a beautiful look but also helped to stabilize the flagstone.


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