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Transformation Tuesday: Hide The Trash

Our client had a pathway around their house that led to the trash and recycling bins that had become overgrown with weeds. They wanted this area to be redone to have a clean, finished look with low-maintenance plants to help spruce the area up, as well as a small coyote fence to help hide the bins. The client hired a contractor to build a stucco wall and install a gate prior to us starting. Once the contractor was done with the walls, we got to work.

The first step in this transformation was to clear out all the vegetation. We planted cactus varieties such as Agave, Brake Light Yucca, Banana Yucca, and Barrel Cactus to give the client low maintenance, xeric garden. Next, it was time to install the coyote fence with the request of an economical, softwood fence. We used large, cedar latillas as the main posts and set them about 2 feet deep in concrete for strength. We tied the rails to the posts, then the latillas to the rails, and secured them using braided wire. Each latilla was tired individually not only for added strength and durability but for easy repairs down the road if it is ever needed.

The next step was to pull out the large river rock that made the pathway and set them aside for later use. We cut and placed the weed barrier from the outside edge of the pathway, all the way to the house, and placed the large river rock back in its original place. Two different gravel colors were chosen to add dramatic contrast to the surrounding area.

The gravel on the pathway is Pueblo Rose and in the cactus garden, Santa Fe brown. Character stones were installed and this transformation was complete! The client loved the finished look of this side of their yard.


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