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Transformation Tuesday: More new construction!

This Transformation Tuesday is also new construction, and in fact, is the neighbor’s house! The client liked what we did next door and also liked the idea of breaking up the corner of the wall with a raised flower bed. We designed the flower bed to be 2.5 blocks high, with a slightly wavy curve in order to round out the corner. Like last week’s transformation, the same steps were taken (trench, level, cut, and glue the capstones) to build the raised flower bed. After numerous wheelbarrow trips full of fill dirt, the flowerbed was ready to be planted.

We designed the flowerbed to have a large Maiden grass to cover the corner of the wall. Surrounding the Maiden grass were Catmint, Coneflowers, Artemisia, and some Tomato plants. Outside of the flower bed (on ground level) we planted a Flowering Plum, Cotoneaster, Texas Sage, some Lavenders, a Mugo Pine, a Chaste Tree, and a couple of Karl Forester grasses. After the weed barrier was pinned down, it was time to bring in the 3/8" Pueblo Rose and spread it several inches thick to become complete.

The client was happy with their new yard and we were happy with how it came out!


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