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Transformation Tuesday: Muddy Footsteps and Tripping Hazards

On this Transformation Tuesday, the client's front yard had become a little overgrown for their liking. Although they liked the bones of the yard, they wanted it to be updated. One of the bigger gripes they had was when it would rain the walkway would become covered in the mud since the lower flowerbed (on the bottom right) was just about level with the walkway.

The first step in this transformation was to start removing most of the plants. In order to fix the muddy pathway, we installed a single-tiered moss rock flower bed on the bottom right of the pathway. We also re-stacked and added one more level to the flowerbed above it.

Another issue the client had was the steps had become a tripping hazard and wanted them to be redone. We removed the steps and built level, oversized flagstone steps that would allow the client and guests to easily walk up and down them without having to worry about tripping.

The final step in this transformation was to plant two pinion trees to give the client some added privacy. This transformation was complete. The client loved how clean and open the yard now looked!


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