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Transformation Tuesday: New Construction

This brand new home was almost finished and needed a spruced-up yard. The client wanted a sharp, clean-looking landscape with a flagstone patio where they could place chairs and enjoy their view of the mountains. The client didn’t want any dirt in their yard.

Solution? The entire yard was graveled.

The nice thing about a newly constructed home is you have a blank slate to work with, as well as level ground. Since there was no need to clear the vegetation or level out the dirt, we were able to bring in the flagstone and landscape block and hit the ground running. The first step in this transformation was to trench the area where the raised flower bed was going to go as well as cut and lay the block. We cut 15 flagstone steps, then several larger flagstone pieces that would make up the patio. Each piece needed to be hand chiseled in order to remove the straight lines left behind from the cutting process. Once the flagstone patio was complete, it was time to trench the areas where the dry river beds would go and level out the excess dirt we removed.

It was time to start planting!

A wide variety of plants were chosen in order to give different colors, textures, height, and bloom times. Some of the plants included Moonlight Brooms, Karl Forester grasses, Lilacs, a Locust tree, and a flowering Plumtree. The first step before laying gravel was to cover the area with a weed barrier, which as you can see in the picture, is a lot of areas to cover. The 3/8" Pueblo Rose was brought in and spread, followed by 4-6" River Rock for the dry river beds. The last step was to place and level the flagstone steps and this transformation was complete.

The client loved how the yard came out and we were happy with how clean of a look the yard had.


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