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Transformation Tuesday: Overgrown Mugo Pine x 2!

This side of the yard had the exact same issues as the other side from last week - two overgrown mugo pines! Just like the other side we needed to remove them. It was the same process: cut the limbs, get the pick and shovel, and pull out the main roots. We raked the area to remove the debris, brought dirt in, and leveled the area. And just like the other side from last week, this side also had the water feature, metal art, lights, and hardscape already in place.

Now that everything was prepped it was time to bring in the plants - Rocky Mountain Penstemon's, Yarrow's, Karl Forester's, and a Cotoneaster would bring the colors and textures needed to soften this area. We laid weedbarrier and spread the gravel, pulled up the existing rock, reshaped the bed, and brought in additional rock to fill in the bare spots to complete the dry river bed. The area was blown and wet down and this transformation was complete!

The client enjoyed the openness of this corner of the yard and loved how clean both sides now looked. A few more weeks of this very large project! Stay tuned.


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