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Transformation Tuesday: Overgrown Weeds and Grasses

This project came from the same house as last week.

The area was overgrown with weeds and native grasses. The client wanted the area to be usable as a patio and wanted a small flowerbed to brighten the area up.

The first step in this transformation was to remove the weeds, native grass, and old moss rock border. The new mossrock was cut to fit to provide a tight, clean, and uniform look. Once the mossrock was embedded in the ground, it was time to level out the area and prep it for planting and flagstone.

We has some of the team start work on cutting the flagstone while another team member started to prep for planting. In order to make this area easy to care for, we installed a battery-operated timer. The perimeter inside of the mossrock was trenched, and 1/2" irrigation was placed in the trench, pinned down, and used as the mainline for the irrigation.

The holes were dug, amendments added and plants placed in the ground: Lavanders, Gallardias, and Catmint for low growing plants, and 2 Blue Mist Spireas, as well as a Karl Forester grass for height, were chosen. Irrigation emitters were then run from the mainline to each plant's base.

All that was left for the patio was to tamp the area, add a layer of sand, and level the flagstone. The final step was to spread 3/8” Pueblo Rose gravel and this transformation was complete. The client loved how clean the area looked, as well as the colors of the plants!


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