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Transformation Tuesday: Part I - A Little TLC

The front yard of this home was in need of some TLC. It had been landscaped in the past, but the client wanted a fresh look that would put a smile on their face every time they saw it.

The first step in this transformation was to remove EVERYTHING: the wood beams, plants, and flagstone were all removed. Moss rock is more complicated to work with than landscape block since each rock is so different. In order to even the rocks out, we use a grinder, a hammer, and a chisel to make the rocks fit onto one another as needed. The next step in this transformation was to fix the flagstone by the entry door. We re-leveled the area and used a new flagstone that was cut to fit to give the entryway a beautiful, custom look.

Next up, planting!

We used a combination of Yarrows (Moonshine and Sangria), Goldfinger Potentilla, Karl Forester grass, Blue Mist Spirea, Moonlight Broom, and Lavenders. Once the plants were in the ground it was time to set up the irrigation. Since this was a small area, it was perfect for a battery-operated timer. After the irrigation was complete, it was time to cover the flowerbed with bark.

The final step in this transformation was to spread gravel on the lower level and this area was complete. Keep an eye out for next week's Transformation to see how the rest of the yard comes out!


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