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Transformation Tuesday: Part III - Enjoy The Summer Nights

This area had a flagstone patio and a firepit that the client wanted to save, but they didn’t like the way the railroad ties and the two tree stumps looked. They wanted the area freshened up to enjoy summer nights in a fully landscaped area.

Removing the Silverlace vine that was growing off of the fence was the very first step. Once that was done, we removed as much of the stump as we could. Since it would be impossible to dig out the entire stump, we dug down several inches and cut both trunks below grade.

Next, we removed the railroad ties and started working on the moss rock flowerbed. The flowerbed was designed to have steps incorporated into the wall and was capped with flagstone.

The flowerbed has three Honeysuckles along the fence and a mixture of Goldfinger Potentilla, Blue Mist Spirea, Cotoneaster, and Lavender. The next step was to trim the Euonymus growing over the wall. Since the cement for the fence posts were sticking above grade, we placed small moss rock borders which helped us to cover them.

The final step was to lay weed barrier on both levels of the yard and spread 3/8" Pueblo Rose, and this transformation was complete! The client loved how their yard looked and we loved the transformation!


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