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Transformation Tuesday: Part IV - One of A Kind Rock Feature

This section of the client’s yard was off in the corner but that didn’t mean it couldn’t use a little work. The client had a brick patio that they never really used. They wanted the area to be softened up and some life brought to it.

We put together a design for this area, and once the client approved, we got to work!

The first step was to remove the brick. Next, we raked up the pine needles and leveled out the area. We designed the area to have a water feature with a very unique-looking rock. The hole was dug, the liner put in place, the foundation, support, and mesh installed - we were ready for the rock.

When installing a water feature, particularly a natural rock, minor adjustments are needed to get the exact spillover. Sometimes, we get lucky and get it on the first try, other times it takes several adjustments. Once the water feature was complete it was time to start planting.

We kept it simple and planted a Barberry, Karl Forester, and a Snowberry. The final step was to lay a weed barrier and spread gravel; this transformation was complete! The client loved how well the entire project went and loved their new backyard.

Thank you for staying with us for the last 4 weeks for this INCREDIBLE yard!


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