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Transformation Tuesday: Practical Yards

This transformation Tuesday shows how a simple change to a yard can not only make it more useful but make the yard look much bigger. The client had a fairly large yard that they wanted to do in phases.

Although it is a little hard to tell in the picture, the soil was steeply sloped where the deck ends. To address this issue, the area would be terraced with landscape block and would also get a double-raised flower bed. On the side area, we would create a flowerbed that was about the same height as the deck. In order to allow the client to have easy access to the lower area of their yard, we installed steps between the separate flower beds.

The first step was to begin leveling out the area that would become the terraced flower beds. Once that was complete we started stacking the landscape block. Each terraced bed would be two blocks high, with a capstone to finish it off. After all the cuts were made and the caps glued on. This flower bed would be 5 blocks high (plus capstone) to try and match the height of the deck. Both terraces were filled with dirt. The final step in the project was to add steps in between to access the flowerbeds for access and this transformation was complete!

Even though the yard still has a long way to go the client was happy and motivated with the progress they now saw!


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