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Transformation Tuesday: Purpose In The Details

Does this look familiar?

This week’s transformation is part of the same area as last week's transformation but from a different angle. We wanted to show both angles because it was impossible to take a picture that showed the entire project!

Last week's picture showed a full perspective of what the yard looked like before, but the after picture didn’t capture a couple of details we want to go over in this week's post. The first is how we designed the seamless transition from 5 to 3 blocks with the landscape block. We used a wavy curve to prevent the wall from creating a completely straight line like the railroad ties looked in last week's picture. When the curve was getting ready to cut back into the cinderblock wall, we had the 3 block wall “Y” off of it to create a smooth transition to the lower level.

The second thing we wanted to cover is that the dry river bed runs along the porch. We did this on purpose because this house did not have gutters on its covered patio. Without the dry river bed, the water running off the roof would have washed away the Pueblo Rose gravel. The dry river bed by the porch also gave the yard a unique look from the patio, which both us and the client enjoyed!

Keep an eye out for next week's transformation to see the final section of this yard!


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