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Transformation Tuesday: Simple, Yet Stunning

This Transformation Tuesday is a simple but stunning one. The client's entrance to their house had a brick walkway that didn’t flow too well. There was an awkward transition of the brick pattern from the door to the pathway, as well as some loosely placed flagstone for a patio. It didn’t look that bad, to be honest, but the client wanted a cleaner, fresher look to this area of their yard.

The first step in this transformation was to remove all the brick and flagstone so we could have a fresh slate. We leveled out the area and tamped it. Before we could bring in the base course, we needed to add metal edging to the outline of the new patio/walkway. This helps to give the area a cleaner look, as well as helps to reduce the movement of the bricks over time. The next step was to run the wiring for the landscape lights.

The lights we installed are pathway lights, which help to illuminate the walkway and provide an elegant look to the yard. We brought the base course and tamped it, then spread the sand. The team began to lay out the pavers and cut them to fit the metal edging. Once all the pavers were down and we cleaned up, the transformation was complete! As you can see in the photo, the area looks much larger, as well as has a nice, uniform look to it. The client loved this new area and how smooth it looked!

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