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Transformation Tuesday: Slopes? No Problem - Part two!

In last week's transformation, the client had a HEAVILY sloped yard. Although this side was not as unlevel as the other side, it still needed the same kind of work done. The first step was to move the large rocks on the right of the picture so they could be used later. A landscape block wall was installed after being leveled, stacked, and the caps cut and glued. We needed to bring in some fill dirt to level out the slope once the wall was complete. Even though it was not as much dirt as the other side it was still a lot of work.

The client wanted some trees on this site. We decided on two, multi-stemmed Aspens and a Flowering Plum. To create a little bit of an oasis feeling, we went with several Karl Forester grasses along the top of the block wall. Next, we planted one Hall's Honeysuckle on the bottom level and placed it on a trellis. The trellis helps support the vine so it could be easily trained to create a nice focal point for the area.

The next step in this transformation was to place the weed barrier. After that was done we brought in the 3/8" Pueblo Rose and placed the multi-colored stone back on the bottom level to complete the final transformation! The client finished off the area by adding very nice outdoor furniture. The client loved the new look of their yard and looked forward to spending more time enjoying their view.


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