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Transformation Tuesday: Specific Emitters

Continuing with the project we featured a few weeks ago - on this side of the house, the client wanted a flagstone pathway that would lead from the back door to the fireplace. In order to give the yard a more elegant feel, we designed this area to have two levels which are brought together with three steps.

This not only gives the yard a nice focal point, it also helps the yard feel larger. We trenched out the area where the landscape block was going to go and began to level and stack the block three tiers high. The block we used has 3 different sizes. This not only gives each block flower bed a unique look, it also allows us to work more efficiently by using the different sizes to our advantage when it comes to curving the flowerbed.

Once all the blocks were installed (including the steps) we began to place the caps on the block. The capstones we used were a lighter color to add better contrast to the flowerbeds. We then cut flagstone to be used on top of the block as steps. This provides a level, smooth surface to walk on.

Next was planting and running irrigation. Each plant gets an emitter that allows a certain amount of water to slowly drip onto the root system over the course of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on several factors. In addition, each plant gets a specific type of emitter that allows it to get the amount of water it needs to thrive.

The last step in this transformation was to cover the area with weed barrier and gravel and this area was complete! Keep an eye out soon see the final part of this transformation!


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