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Transformation Tuesday: Standing Out

In this week's transformation, the client's front yard looked too bland for their liking. Even though it had a clean look to it, it didn’t have the pop that made their yard stand out from the neighbors. The client wanted to keep the front yard simple but wanted it to have some personality. There were several mature grasses, shrubs, and trees that the client wanted to keep.

The first step in this transformation was to rake up the gravel and set it to the side so we could reuse it. With the natural slope, the new design included a hand-cut moss rock flower bed that followed the slope of the yard. This not only helped to break up the slope but added texture and contrast to help it stand out.

Next, we created a dry river bed (to the left of the photo, in the shadow) that would help with the drainage from the canales.

Now it was time to plant! We planted three Agaves and a Hedgehog cactus on the bottom level to give a "desert" style look to the lower level. Then we added some Jupiter's Beard, Sage, Agastache, and Karl Forester grass to the top level for a colorful, manicured look. It was time for the finishing touches. We spread brown shredded bark in the flowerbed, placed a new weed barrier, and replaced the gravel. The last step was to place the 4-6" river rock in the dry river bed and this transformation was complete!

The client loved how much texture was added to their yard and liked how it really stood out from her neighbor's yard.


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