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Transformation Tuesday: Team Effort

The client contracted us to do a majority of the work, but they also wanted to have fun and play in the dirt. There were oversized shrubs that had seen better days. They wanted these removed and the whole area to be revitalized.

First, was to remove the old shrubs. Since they were fairly large, this took quite a bit of effort. Once the plants were removed and the area leveled out, it was time to create the flowerbed. We used a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of stones to create the border for the flowerbed. The next step was to rework the irrigation so it would be available for the new plants that would be planted by the client.

After the irrigation was done, we trenched and placed river rock below the canales to help break up the force of the water falling from the canales. This will help with erosion as well as help reduce the amount of bark that could get washed away with heavy rain.

The last step (after the client planted the plants) was to spread the bark and this transformation was complete! With teamwork and good communication between the client and our team, we were able to achieve exactly what the client wanted!


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